The Proportional Spa

The goal of this project is to create the base for the design of a spa resort but more importantly to get a better idea of the role proportions can play in an architectural design. Scale and proportions have notable roles in architecture. Proportion refers to the proper and harmonious relation of one part to the other, while scale refers to the size of something compared to a reference standard or to the size of something else, like the human being. This project investigated the origin of human proportions and how bathing is related with the ergonomics.

The design for the spa resort is an aggregation of the one-dimensional and two-dimensional concepts. But for designing spaces, one should be aware of the fact that certain dimensions must fit with the specific function of the space. For example, a swimming pool needs required dimensions while a rest space will be more private with a lower ceiling. For this reason the design will always feedback to the ergonomics of the human being and research into comfortability will give more insight and knowledge. Different baths and concepts from other cultures are integrated into the design in order to expand the facilities. The building will be partially embedded in the ground in order to minimize the disturbance the building might create for the environment. The shape of the building is kept simple; this results in a stronger separation between the interior and the exterior.

dr. J. Voorthuis

Sonsbeeckpark, Breda, Netherlands

September 2013