The Gated Community

This project is the key-element of the story from a boy called Scott Newman. Scott grew up in this gated community, a place which is divided into two  layers: ground public , above strictly private. He encounters the ambiance of a market where vegetables are sold, grown from the greenhouses underneath the housing. These vegetables are grown by LED lightings and this energy is produced by the use of solar panels. With the staircases outside the greenhouses, the housing department  for at least 80 people can be reached.


The hallway of the housing has a lower ceiling to gain a more intimate atmosphere before reaching the entrance door. From this point the lower ceiling will transform into a more enlighten living room due to the huge windows facing the public area underneath. Some of these windows are shaded with wooden beams to express the idea of living in a gated community. The community wants to be self-sufficient and don’t want to negotiate with the outside world. Therefore, the wooden beams continue through the whole facade with sometimes interruptions for creating a semi-private ambiance. The undulating roof structure is a symbolic warning for the water of the river that will overflow the city. These roof elements continue creating a new platform level where fruit and vegetables can be grown.

ir. T.Veeger
ir. R.Kindt


January 2014