Redevelopment Schellens

The historical Schellens area lies at the edge of the inner-city in Eindhoven. For this project there where several important reference points that have formed our vision of this project. The historical elements, such as the monument, city axis and the port are being kept.

The positioning of these tangible elements are based on the areas that make the parallel directions of the concrete slabs at the port and the tower. By using this direction, they are better emphasized and they also indirectly create a routing. It also makes small zone boundaries without disturbing the main structure of the main axis. To get a more abstract symmetry , the vertical rhythm to the cluster side is also found in the front of the studios. The wooden slats should be considered as a visual separation for the semi-private cobblestone pavement and the public area. The young residents will gain more intimacy in the private section of the studios.

The vision of the collective space is based on the “see and be seen” . Collective space is neither public nor private but much more and much less time than the public space. It has to do with the amount of attention on a local situation. The concentration of the interactions must be spread to get like-mindedness as the feeling. By creating such a collective space, the quality of working in this area will be improved.


February 2012