Interactive Skin

After an intense analysis on the urban form and texture we focused on revealing the existing values of the daily life. In our conceptual approach we aimed to embrace the existing values of the daily life with new ways of seeing, feeling, doing, and exercising the urban environment. To explore, we used our senses besides our visual sensations. Dealing with various sensations, the group has developed the idea of interactive screens on the first week to connect and to communicate with the other parts of the city. Thus they aimed to make a visual connection to several parts of the city.

Architecture is a search for an atmosphere that people feels safe, comfortable, pleasant and satisfied. When we focused to the site of Cut/City 2014 we saw a problematic area which has many potentials and nice spatial values waiting to be discovered and revealed.

The second week, with the idea of interactivity, communication and perception they developed an intertwining structural element to connect the cut city. Introduction of such a structure enhances the continuity and movement of the slow city; pedestrian paths, bike and skate path within the dense urban environment. This interactive structure is named as an INTERACTIVE SKIN because of its spatial change and mechanical movement due to the movements of the people interacting with it.


February 2014