Building a detail

Now more than ever, sustainability is featured in the most advanced and challenging architectural designs. Proyecto Roble here is a particular example of a fully integrated design and winner of the BNA Building of the Year 2013. Years of dedication, dreams and being aware of building have led to a design of a special agricultural office where sustainability into the smallest detail has been implemented.


The new building reflects the philosophy of the company, in which a diversity of work and meeting rooms are offered with varying relationships with nature. The building recommends us that we have to work towards the future; this is where the architecture must pursue in the Netherlands.


This building is a custom designed environment where up to none standard details will be found. The innovative ideas can be found all through the design. But on the chosen detail the sophistication of a greater part of the building can be clearly seen.


When looking at the supported picture, the minimalistic appearance of the building is explicit. The façade is simply following the gutter and the windows cover the whole façade height. Hence the load-bearing and supporting structure of the roof, which is placed inside the building to prevent thermal bridges, are put in sight.


The detail that is chosen also shows the gutter, which is one of the most difficult parts of the building, due to its drainage system and the vegetated roof. Subsequent requirements for the detailing are for example, prevention of congestion by mud from the vegetated roof and prevention of rootlet growth. This detail was preferenced by our group because it is a good representation of contemporary sustainable architecture, and there for the detail is a unique solution, which allows us to learn more than standard details.


March 2014