Breaking Light

Light has always played a major part of our daily routine. We wake up when the sun rises and we sleep when it sets. It is because we have become so used to this routine, that we have lost the appreciation for the beauty of light. We get too caught up in our busy lives that we take the common things in life for granted. It is in these special times that we take a moment for ourselves, that we absorb the atmosphere of the surrounding, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of light.


The aim of the concept is to raise the awareness of light by dividing white light to its spectral colors. By refracting the light, moving light sources, filtering and reflection, a new imaginary and unpredictable pattern will be created. By standing at the right place at the right time the light will show noticeable patterns. In this moment the general pattern of natural light will capture you and will affect your mood in a creative and positive way. It will add a little sparkle in the day, resulting in a sense of joy and hopefully some inspiration for the day.



February 2014